Hi guys!

I’m happy to see you all in my blog! My name is Stan Shelton. I’m a simple 24-year-old guy from Kansas. When I was a kid, I loved ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and dreamed of a hurricane that would lift me up into the sky, just like the heroine of the book, and land me in some magical land full of miracles and adventures. Years went by, but nothing happened. Yet, I believe, even stronger than before, that there are miracles even in our daily life, we should just learn to notice them! That’s probably one of the reasons I decided to become an artist. Of course, I’m not a professional one yet, but I get better by the day 🙂 Perhaps I’ll even share some of my works here!


Modern art: To be or not to be?

Classical and skeptical

You know, I’m not a very big fan of modern art. I mean, I certainly don’t have any prejudices, but some artists just try to be, you know, more contemporary than they actually are 🙂 On my opinion, a work of art should be harmonious and relevant. If you have to go down to pure minimalism to express your idea, so be it. I’m inspired by strict and eloquent lines of classical compositions where there is nothing except what’s really necessary. Every part of your painting, every small detail should be there on purpose. If you include something in your canvas, you should realize why you are doing it. Unfortunately, some artists set out on a wild goose chase using trendy motifs and tricks to get sold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for experiments, but they should still have a solid ground. Fashionable art that doesn’t serve any purpose other than going well with all modern furniture and décor is dead in my eyes. So I always thought of myself as a follower of the classical tradition and never tried painting like an Impressionist or, even worse, Abstractionist. Until I encountered an artist whose works changed my mind…

When your brush is running wild

There are wonderful artists whose names don’t sound everywhere and whose paintings aren’t lodged in the best museums of the world. However, when you see their works, you feel that your heart starts beating a bit faster. Leonid Afremov is one of such artists. I never heard of him before running across his canvases in the web. And even though his style might seem excessively vibrant and overly positive, you just don’t think about any technical nuances. You simply enjoy the image! I would never believe that paintings of the sort – flashy, tricky and allmoder like here – can be so much appealing! Ok, I’ll try to enumerate three things I like best about them:

  1. Even though I prefer more reserved palettes, the colors used by Mr. Afremov immediately catch the eye with their brightness and richness. And they work together amazingly! It’s like taking a ride down the rainbow!
  2. I also like the scenarios used by the artist. Rainy streets, misty parks, embracing couples under umbrellas… As a hopeless romantic, I can totally relate to that.
  3. Finally, you just can’t resist the warmth and joy coming off the canvas! Mr. Afremov must be a very good person, because his paintings have an incredibly positive aura.

This wonderful artist is definitely one of my greatest discoveries in the web lately. I hope he’ll keep painting and fascinating us with his lovely works!



Art is all around us

As an artist, even though a beginning one, I’m on the constant lookout for beautiful paintings to draw inspiration from. Every morning after waking up and every night before going to sleep I do the obligatory googling to see what’s new on the web. It’s like a daily ritual I never miss. I’d better skip brushing my teeth than this! And you know what, the internet is full of talented people! Not all of them end up famous. Who knows why! Perhaps, they give up in the middle of the way, or maybe they just need a good manager 🙂 But the works I sometimes run across are worth hanging in world-class galleries, not just on a web page. Just take a look at this one http://pre01.deviantart.net/93ab/th/pre/i/2013/022/f/5/landscape_by_jonathandufresne-d5scnm6.jpg   I really like that author because his works are both realistic and a bit fairytale-like. Viewing his gallery is like reading a fantasy book: each picture is another chapter taking you to a new setting and suggesting a new story to envision. I wish there were more paintings like this everywhere around us to let people forget about all their troubles and dream away, even if it’s only for a minute or two!